An Evolving System

Getting the most power from your SCADA. (Water Efficiency May 2013)

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Rugid Computer's Brady Melchior Recognized as a 2011 "Leader Under 40"

Rugid Computer, a manufacturer of wireless data acquisition products and remote terminal units is proud to announce that Brady Melchior has been recognized as one of Control Engineering's 2011 Leaders Under 40. (PRWeb October 25, 2011)

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Low-energy Wireless SCADA Used For Water Application

Water and wastewater utility in Bogotá, Colombia, used an extremely low-power-consumption SCADA system with a data logging support feature, allowing the use of time stamps. (Control Engineering September 22, 2011)

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New technology and break-throughs offer great rewards for water and wastewater industries, and, with the constant needs for regulatory compliance plus demands for higher efficiency and constrained budgets, the timing couldn't be better. (Water Efficiency May/June 2011)

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Rugid Computer's WiSI™ Wins 2011 Design News Golden Mousetrap Award for Best New Product

WiSI's All-Inclusive Design Simplifies Integration and Deployment. (PRWeb March 25, 2011)

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Multiple Wireless Sensor Control with Built-in Solar Panel

All-in-one radio offers IP67-rated, weather-proof data acquisition and control for rapid deployment to monitor and control remote sensors. (Design News, March 14, 2011)

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Rugid Computer Announces New Outdoor Wireless Sensor Interface, WiSI™

In a world where data acquisition needs continue to accelerate, WiSI is one step ahead. Completely innovative and fully featured, WiSI is the most forward-thinking remote wireless sensor interface on the market today. (PRWeb September 14, 2010)

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Ohio Emergency Management Agency Chooses RUG3 As Replacement For ALERT Transmitters

Ohio Emergency Management Agency has selected RUGID Computer, Inc.'s RUG3 RTU as a replacement for existing ALERT transmitters in the state of Ohio Rain Snow Monitoring System (STORMS). The RUG3 RTU is designed for remote data acquisition and control applications. (PRWeb October 21, 2009)

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